Housing Development

Partner Agency Support Programs

There are also supported housing options for people with special needs. Partnerships are formed with other agencies that refer applicants, and are able to provide support under an agreement with GSCHA.

Public Housing Leasing Program

The Department of Housing is transferring some Homeswest properties to "Growth" and "Preferred" providers as a way to build our organisation's capacity. Applicants for these properties will come from the "Joint Wait List"- public housing applicants who have ticked the "Community Housing" box on their application form.

Housing Development

GSCHA is working towards significantly increasing the availability of Community Housing options for people in need over the next 3-5 years. Towards this aim, the organisation is developing partnerships with other Community Housing providers, developers and builders to ensure success of this major goal. Current developments include a group site to construct 5 purpose-built houses for people with disabilities and 3 family houses; spot purchase of 3 family houses; spot purchase of 5 houses for people with mental health issues, spot-purchase of 1 youth property, and a number of submissions for group housing projects in Albany, Mt Barker and Denmark.

Where do I get more information?

Great Southern Community Housing Association
PO Box 5695
Albany WA 6332

or visit the Office at:
1/87 Aberdeen St, Albany

PH: (08) 9845 9697
FAX: 9842 8698