Tenant Participation

In December 2012, GSCHA held a Tenant Forum at the Albany Entertainment Centre. The forum was facilitated by Christina Kadmos from Kalico Consulting. The aim of the forum was to consult with tenants about setting up a Tenant’s Association / Committee. GSCHA would assist with funds and other resources to enable the committee to carry out activities, and organise events and projects. 

The ultimate goal was to build the relationship between tenants and GSCHA to achieve the following: 

  • Improve the skills, knowledge and quality of life of tenants including those with physical and intellectual disabilities; 
  • Support and strengthen communities; and 
  • Improve the way social housing is delivered and managed. 

Some of the suggestions which came out of the forum included social activities (such as BBQ’s, bus trips and fishing), improving neighbourhoods and complexes (around issues of safety, design, gardens and others), and tenant support (helping, understanding and communicating). 

Since the Forum, a Tenant Committee has formed with up to 10 members who meet monthly. A survey has been sent to all tenants asking for feedback as to the types of activities they would like to be involved with. The committee has also taken on putting together the Tenant Newsletter. 

To date there have been 2 BBQ’s organised with over 55 tenants attending the April 2013 event, and the first newsletter sent out that was put together by tenants. 

If tenants are interested in joining the Committee, assisting with organising events or have computer skills and can help with the newsletter, just send an email to the address below. Tenants may also just like to give feedback or have an idea that they want to pass on.